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Collections —Woman / Accessories

Spring / Summer — 1997

Press Release

Prêt-à-porter Collection

“Contradictions taking on new meaning, contrasts thriving in unison… utter purity and an intriguing sense of sin… For the woman who sees herself angelic, always aware of her natural and sensuous body, I imagined a way of dressing which would alter all rules. Thus the swimsuit is transformed in a full-length stretch nylon knit shirt… The body-suit, perhaps with a collar, acquires a city connotation and counters the low-cut necklines of evening dresses. In the game of opposites, I reassembled trends and tastes into strong poles of attraction: the short and the ultralong, the simple and the opulent, the body-hugging line and a wonderful sense of volume. For creating a slender figure, a lean silhouette reflectirig a feeling of well-bred primitivism… “

Gianfranco Ferré

An ideal landscape: soft impressions of diffused color, a path running along a rosy wall, the sun low on the horizon, long shadows… An imaginary silhouette: slim and sharp, reminiscent. or Giacometti’s plaster figures, accentuated by snug and close-fitting clothes. A sense of taste at once precious and poetic: fabrics rich and opaque, golden sheens, magnificent stone and gem effects. Aurora pinks and all other shades of pink, gold and bronze, hues of exotic woods.

In the spirit of contrast, the washed-marocain blazer drops to the ankles and is wrapped at the waist by a broad sash. The severe dress is opaque in front but see-through in back. The knit dresses, featuring plunging necklines, are worn under the silk gazar parkas. The shirt in a papery taffetà puffs up around the body.

In the subtle desire for ornamentation, exquisite exaggeration, fabrics seem to come straight from the Wunderkammer, the chamber of wonders. Organza is creased and spotted. Silk faille is washed and pressed to reveal a soft soul behind its crisp appearance. Washed viscose drapes silkily, shantung flows smoothly.

For the sheer pleasure of surprise, jeans come in dazzling pink and blue silk denims. In its entirety Gianfranco Ferré Jeans line offers innovative versions of noble materials and elegant fabrics, all creating fabulous iridescent, opalescent and mother-of-pearl effects. Prodµced and distributed by ITJ, it is a complete and wide-ranging collection which moves beyond the customary boundaries of casual apparel to become pure vitality and cutting-edge -style.